The Shows

The Society stages three flower shows each year – Spring, Summer and Autumn. However in the current pandemic, the series of shows in 2021 is uncertain whilst the strict restrictions on gatherings remain. The Virtual Summer and Autumn shows were so successful and well-supported that we intend to hold a virtual Spring show on 10th April 2021.

Virtual Spring Show 2021

Photos of entries (labelled with class number) should be emailed to our Secretary, Teresa Witham on by Saturday 10th April to allow for collating and judging entries. Please allow two weeks for the results to be posted on the Society’s website and our Facebook page.

Classes as follows:


Class 1 1 vase, trumpet, one variety, 3 items.

Class 2 1 vase, large cupped, one variety, 3 stems.

Class 3 1 vase, miniatures, one variety, 3 stems.

Single stem classes.

Class 4 1 trumpet (Division 1), perianth yellow, trumpet yellow.

Class 5 1 trumpet (Division 1), any other colour combination.

Class 6 1 large cupped (Division 2), perianth yellow, cup yellow.

Class 7 1 large cupped (Division 2), any other colour combination.

Class 8 1 small cupped (Division 3), perianth white, cup white.

Class 9 1 small cupped (Division 3), any other colour combination.

Class 10 1 Triandus hybrid (Division 5), any colour combination.

Class 11 1 Cyclamineus hybrid (Division 6) any colour combination.

Class 12 1 Jonquilla hybrid (Division 7), any colour combination.

Class 13 1 Tazetta hybrid (Division 8), any other colour combination.

Class 14 1 pot or pan of growing narcissi.

General classes

Class 15 5 pansies or violas.

Class 16 Floating flowers, one or more kinds.

Class 17 A vase of tulips.

Class 18 One bowl of cut spring flowers.

Class 19 One camellia bloom.

Class 20 One alpine plant in flower.

Class 21 One pot or pan of growing bulbs, excluding narcissi.

Class 22 One pot or pan of miniature bulbs, corms or tubers, excluding narcissi.

Class 23 One pot plant in flower, excluding orchid.

Class 24 One pot orchid.

Class 25 Patio container of growing plants and bulbs.

Definitions of Narcissi classes are explained on Pages 5 and 6 of the show schedule.